hi, I'm Jasmine

I make heartfelt pottery and pictures in San Diego, CA

I was first exposed to pottery while attending a photography conference, an attendee had brought mini-wheels. I was hooked from the minute my hands touched the clay. I immediately signed up for beginners’ lessons in 2019, bought a wheel when the world fell apart during the pandemic, and finally built out my home studio fully in 2023.

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. My first career was as a brand strategist and designer. I’ve been a  professional photographer for 15 years, full time for 10. I’ve reduced volume on my events and bookings to find balance and create space in my life for returning to making with my hands. I’m so jazzed to share my functional art with you!


I’m so excited to share some examples of my work with you soon, and have you shopping ceramic goodness in no time. Please sign up for my email list below if you’d like to receive an update once the shop is live!

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